how to make golf bag tubes

Creating golf bag tubes, also known as dividers or separators, can help organize and protect your golf clubs while they’re stored in a golf bag. Here’s how you can make golf bag tubes:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. PVC pipe or pool noodles (about 2 inches in diameter)
  2. Measuring tape or ruler
  3. Hacksaw or PVC pipe cutter (if using PVC pipe)
  4. Sandpaper
  5. Duct tape or golf club grip tape
  6. Golf clubs (to test the fit)


  1. Measure Your Golf Bag:
    • Determine the height of your golf bag’s top section where you plan to insert the tubes. This measurement will help you cut the tubes to the correct length.
  2. Cut the Tubes:
    • If you’re using PVC pipe:
      • Measure the length you need based on the height of your golf bag’s top section.
      • Mark the measurement on the PVC pipe.
      • Use a hacksaw or PVC pipe cutter to carefully cut the pipe at the marked point.
      • Smooth the cut edges with sandpaper to remove any sharp or rough areas.
    • If you’re using pool noodles, you may not need to cut them if they are already the right length. If necessary, use scissors to trim them to the desired height.
  3. Test the Fit:
    • Place the cut tubes or pool noodles into your golf bag’s top section. Check if they fit snugly and reach the bottom of the bag. The tubes should create dividers between your clubs to prevent them from touching and getting scratched.
  4. Secure the Tubes:
    • To keep the tubes in place, use duct tape or golf club grip tape to wrap around the top and bottom of each tube. This will provide some grip and friction to prevent them from sliding around in the bag.
  5. Organize Your Clubs:
    • Once the tubes are securely in place, insert your golf clubs into the tubes. The dividers will help keep your clubs separated and protected.
  6. Optional: Label the Dividers:
    • If you want to be extra organized, you can label each tube with the club type (e.g., driver, irons, putter) using stickers or a permanent marker. This will make it even easier to locate the right club during your game.
  7. Test and Adjust:
    • Before hitting the course, test your clubs in the bag to ensure they fit comfortably in the tubes and that the dividers provide adequate protection.

Creating golf bag tubes is a cost-effective and practical way to keep your golf clubs organized and protected in your golf bag. It’s a customizable solution that allows you to tailor the dividers to the specific needs of your set of clubs.

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