how to make highlights name blank

To make a name or text appear blank in a document or text field (for privacy or other reasons), you can use a technique that involves using “zero-width spaces” or “invisible characters.” Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Using Zero-Width Spaces:

Zero-width spaces are Unicode characters that don’t have a visible width but can be used to separate or hide characters. You can use these to make a name or text appear blank.

  • Replace each character in the name with a zero-width space. You can copy and paste the zero-width space character (U+200B) as needed. Here’s an example:

Original Name: John Doe Blank Name: ​ ​

  • Paste the zero-width space character between each letter, making it invisible. When you paste it, it will appear as if there’s no text.
  1. Using Invisible Characters:

You can also use other invisible characters like the “zero-width joiner” (U+200D) or “zero-width non-joiner” (U+200C) to achieve a similar effect. These characters don’t have a visible presence but can separate characters.

  • Replace each character in the name with invisible characters as needed.

Original Name: John Doe Blank Name: J‌o‌h‌n‌ ‌D‌o‌e

  • In the example above, the invisible characters are used between each letter to make it look blank.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of these methods may depend on where you’re using the text (e.g., in a text document, a chat, a web form). Some platforms or text editors may treat invisible characters differently, so it’s essential to test and ensure that the desired effect is achieved in your specific context.

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