how to keep chlorine floater out of skimmer

Keeping a chlorine floater out of the skimmer is important because chlorine tablets or floaters placed directly in the skimmer can damage the skimmer and pool equipment due to their concentrated chemical content. To prevent this, follow these steps to keep the chlorine floater out of the skimmer:

  1. Use a Floating Chlorine Dispenser:
    • Invest in a floating chlorine dispenser or floater specifically designed for holding chlorine tablets. These devices are designed to stay afloat in the pool water, allowing the chlorine to dissolve slowly without coming into direct contact with the skimmer.
  2. Adjust the Floater’s Settings:
    • Most floating chlorine dispensers have adjustable settings to control the chlorine release rate. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to set the dispenser to the appropriate level for your pool size and chlorine needs.
  3. Place the Floater Away from the Skimmer:
    • Position the floating chlorine dispenser away from the skimmer and pool equipment. Place it in the middle of the pool or at least a few feet away from the skimmer to ensure it doesn’t get drawn into the skimmer.
  4. Use Skimmer Weirs or Baskets:
    • Skimmer weirs or baskets are designed to trap debris and prevent large objects from entering the skimmer. Make sure your skimmer has a weir or basket in place to help keep the floater out.
  5. Check Water Flow:
    • Ensure that the water flow in your pool is properly balanced. If the skimmer is pulling water too strongly, it may pull the floater towards it. Adjust the water flow if necessary.
  6. Install a Chlorine Tablet Dispenser in the Skimmer:
    • If you prefer to use a skimmer-based chlorine tablet dispenser, ensure it’s a dedicated, built-in unit designed for this purpose. These units are designed to safely hold and dissolve chlorine tablets within the skimmer.
  7. Consider In-Line Chlorinators:
    • An in-line chlorinator can be installed in the pool’s plumbing system, allowing you to introduce chlorine tablets directly into the water circulation system. This keeps the chlorine away from the skimmer entirely.
  8. Monitor and Adjust:
    • Regularly check the position of the floater and make any necessary adjustments to keep it away from the skimmer. This may be needed due to changes in water flow or wind.
  9. Educate Pool Users:
    • If others use the pool, make sure they are aware of the importance of not placing chlorine tablets or floaters directly in the skimmer. Educate them on the proper use of floating dispensers.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your chlorine floater remains in the pool, providing a consistent release of chlorine without causing damage to your skimmer or pool equipment.

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